Paxton Novi 2500 Supercharger Compressor

Anyone who has ever been dealt a loss from a Paxton blown performance machine knows that the NOVI takes no prisoners. Well, the list of hurt feelings is about to get a lot longer thanks to the NOVI 2500. With up to 30psi on tap and over 1,300 horsepower support in a perfectly streetable package, the NOVI 2500 is ready to take your vehicle’s performance to new levels of street/strip supremacy. Either get yours today, or you’ll quite literally get left behind! Specifications:

  • Internal Gear Step-Up Ratio: 3.50:1
  • Inlet Hose Diameter: 4.00
  • Outlet Hose Diameter: 3.00
  • Efficiency Peak: 78%
  • Impeller Speed Max: 60,000 rpm
  • Max Boost Pressure: 30 psig
  • Max Flow: 2000 cfm
  • Max Horsepower Support: 1,300

Can be purchased at (Tel: 818-518-9889)
Click Here for more info

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