Vortech Lysholm Supercharger Tuner System for 2010-2011 Chevy Camaro SS with 6.2L

Camaro TUNER supercharger systems are equipped with a Lysholm 2300AX twin-screw supercharger compressor. This package includes a cast aluminum lower manifold with ports that match OEM size, location and shape. Integrated into the compressor is an air bypass valve assembly and actuator. The drive assembly includes black anodized billet aluminum tensioner mounting plates with idles, belts and all necessary hardware. Custom fuel rails assemblies with braided stainless steel crossover hose and -6 AN fuel fitting. To top it off Lysholm uses a closed-loop air/water charge cooler system. Integrated dual-pass weld aluminum cooler core, high-volume water circulation pump and storage tank with hoses, clamps and plumbing.

Can be purchased at http://www.SuperchargersOnline.com (Tel: 818-518-9889)

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