On Sale Now! Billet Aluminum Race By-Pass Valve (Polished, Direct Replacement)

This valve is a direct replacement for the Bosch valve. The Bosch valve is made from plastic and contains a rubber diaphragm which is actuated by engine vacuum. The valve is used to release pre-throttle body manifold pressure on deceleration.
The Race Bypass Valve is made from CNC machined 6061 billet aluminum and can withstand higher boost pressures and the higher charge temperatures. The OE Bosch valve is a part that is prone to failure in stock applications and particularly on ‘chipped’ vehicles. Bosch have revised their valve design several times but by using the Billet Aluminum one you will have the assurance that once this valve is fitted, it will not need to be replaced.
The Race Bypass Valve has been bench “flow tested” and results show that it flows just over 10% more capacity. The greater airflow capacity means that on aftermarket and higher boost applications, air turbulence is reduced and the possibility MAF turbulence is minimized.

Can be purchased at http://www.SuperchargersOnline.com (Tel: 818-518-9889)

On Sale Now – Click Here

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