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The Fuel Management Unit

Getting Technical

The FMU, also know as a “boost dependent fuel pressure regulator,” only increases fuel rail pressure when boost is applied to the reference port on the FMU. This regulator is in the return fuel line and is downstream of the static fuel pressure regulator. The FMU is a simple mechanical device that can be calibrated by changing the internal ring and spacer. Inside an FMU is a piston. The boost pressure comes from the manifold to a fitting on the FMU and applies pressure to a washer sitting on the piston. The larger the washer, the more pressure it applies on the piston. The piston pressure blocks the flow of fuel down the return line. This backup creates a higher line pressure because the fuel cannot freely pass through.

There are two key ingredients to making horsepower: fuel and air. We are going to discuss the most popular methods of increasing the quantity of fuel, to support the air entering the motor under boost, and its relationship to the amount of power you are trying to make.

3 Steps to Delivering More Fuel

Traditionally, there are three most common ways to deliver more fuel to your engine. They are:

  • Upgrade Your Injector Scenario
  • Utilize the Power of the FMU w/ Existing Injectors
  • Use a Computer Programmer to Regulate Fuel Management With Upgraded Injectors

Upgrade Your Injector Scenario

To get more fuel, you can run larger injectors, increase the pressure to the injectors you already have, or add an auxiliary set of injectors. The auxiliary set of injectors usually squirts fuel into the manifold and requires a secondary injector driver to tell the injectors when to fire and for how long. This method is effective for street cars because it lets the car run like normal with smaller injectors. It is also good for cruising because it prevents the motor from overloading with fuel and stumbling. It then allows the second set of larger injectors to give more fuel when you are trying to make power. The major downside is that this method is very expensive because of the additional components required. Furthermore, it can be very difficult to tune because of the wide adjustment range of a completely separate set of injectors. This common dilemma led to the eventual creation of the FMU.

Utilize the Power of the FMU

The FMU is great because it allows the car to run normally on a small injector, but can also increase the rail pressure under boost which, in turn, forces more fuel through the same size orifice. The fuel that the FMU adds has a direct relationship to the boost pressure. The proportionality is usually stated in a ratio, for example 12:1. This means that the FMU will add 12psi of fuel for every psi of boost. (For example, 10psi of boost will add 120psi of fuel pressure.) When all is said and done, this could net a total of about 140psi of fuel pressure which is often too much for a little injector to handle. It is also the reason most people opt for a combination of larger injector and lower ratio of FMU. This is an ideal setup because it allows the same quantity of fuel but at a lower pressure which is more constant for tuning and less fatiguing on the injectors.

Computer Programs and Fuel Management

The third most popular method of increasing fuel is to add larger injectors and use a computer chip to calibrate and control them. This often can cause the car to run great under boost. However, it is often harder to mange when the car is a daily driver or when cold started. Even this method only can supply enough fuel to support a given amount of pressure. Eventually it, too, requires an injector so large that it would not be suitable for any type of street driving – just racing.


This is why the FMU has become so popular. It offers great versatility for street and strip use. You get the ability to support horsepower and still have the street ability of a daily driver. It is also mechanical and not very complex, so there is little chance of having any reliability issues. The final attribute of an FMU, that has make it popular, is its ability to be easily recalibrated (for a relatively low cost) to match the injector choices you make.

Find your FMU parts here!

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Vortech Small Block Carbureted Chevy Cog Supercharger Kit

Vortech Small Block Chevy Carbureted Kits with V7 YSi and Cog Drive Systems

Vortech SBC Supercharger Kit

Looking to go to the extreme with your Small Block Chevy engine? Is 700 horsepower not nearly enough to quench your need for speed? Do you love the sound that only a cog drive can provide? Well, if you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then the new Small Block Chevy Cog Drive Tuner Kit from Vortech may be just what you are looking for.

This system comes ready to make big power with the 1,200+ horsepower capable V-7 YSi-Trim supercharger, ultra-stout twin-plate supercharger mounting configuration with billet aluminum manual belt tensioner and all necessary hardware, and of course the 50mm cog style belt drive. Included drive spacing options are compatible with both v-belt and serpentine style accessory configurations.

For more info click here

Remember you seen it first at Tel 818-518-9889

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Vortech 8-Rib Upgrade for 2011 Ford Mustang

Vortech & Paxton’s New 8-Rib Drive Conversion For 2011+ 5.0L
Mustangs Is Now Available!

Not satisfied with the over 600 horsepower that the off the shelf Vortech Si-Trim
System can take your stock 2011+ 5.0L Mustang GT to? Got a built motor? Getting
ready to run some major boost? Well, Vortech is ready for you! The 8-Rib Drive
Upgrade allows for maximum belt traction and stability for racing and hard driving,
while remaining completely street ready and daily drive friendly. Drive conversion
contains all necessary hardware and precision machined spacers to go right out
of the box and onto your supercharged 5.0L Mustang. OEM quality replacement
alternator pulley, water pump pulley, idlers, and crank damper pulley all included.

Included Supercharger driven pulley measures 3.47" diameter, with
numerous other pulley sizes also available for sale separately.

Optional Supercharger Pulley Sizes (May also require alternate belt drive

– 3.80", 8-Rib Supercharger Drive Pulley
– 3.70", 8-Rib Supercharger Drive Pulley
– 3.60", 8-Rib Supercharger Drive Pulley
– 3.47", 8-Rib Supercharger Drive Pulley
– 3.33", 8-Rib Supercharger Drive Pulley
– 3.15", 8-Rib Increased Traction Profile Supercharger Drive Pulley
– 3.12", 8-Rib Supercharger Drive Pulley
– 3.00", 8-Rib Increased Traction Profile Supercharger Drive Pulley
– 2.95", 8-Rib Supercharger Drive Pulley
– 2.85", 8-Rib Increased Traction Profile Supercharger Drive Pulley
– 2.80", 8-Rib Increased Traction Profile Supercharger Drive Pulley
– 2.75", 8-Rib Supercharger Drive Pulley
– 2.70", 8-Rib Increased Traction Profile Supercharger Drive Pulley


NOTE: *Custom ECM programming and fuel/ignition upgrades
will be required when changing the supercharger drive pulley to any size other
than what was originally supplied in the complete supercharger kit.

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How to perform and oil change on a Vortech V-3 Supercharger

Here is SuperchargersOnline latest Tech. Article.

How to change the oil in a Vortech V-3 Supercharger


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Vortech Competition Air Inlet Upgrade for 2011 Ford Mustang GT

This high-flow CAI accessory kit for the 2011 Mustang GT allows for higher airflow, boost and horsepower gains compared to systems utilizing the factory airbox. Provides an additional 20 to 40HP on top of a 605HP V-3 Si-Trim installation, and allows for up to 825HP with a T-Trim, or up to 1000HP with a V-7 JT-Trim and additional modifications.

Bolts onto all Vortech and Paxton branded 2011 5.0L Mustang supercharger systems (custom tuning required).

Included Components and Features

Accessory kit consists of open airbox (roto-molded plastic), rubber hood seal, large cone-style filter, bellmouth-entry filter adapter, silicone coupler, instructions, and all required mounting hardware.

Replaces OEM air filter cover, filter and base. Mounts in OEM location and style, and mates to OEM body-mounted cold air snorkel.

When compared to the OEM airbox, gains of approximately 0.6-1.0 psig in peak boost can be anticipated (when mated to a stock vehicle utilizing the standard Vortech/Paxton pulley ratio). Greater gains can be realized on applications with a more aggressive pulley ratio and/or engine modifications.

Custom Tuning and Fuel Pump Booster Required

Due to the increased volume of airflow that this product will allow, a custom ECU calibration and fuel pump/pump booster upgrade is required in order to maintain an acceptable air/fuel ratio.

Vortech Competition Air Inlet Upgrade for 2011 Ford Mustang GT – Click Here

For more information, please visit, Tel: 818-518-9889

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Vortech Boss 302 Intake Manifold Adapter Kit

Got a Vortech Supercharged 2011 5.0L Mustang and are looking to swap on a new Boss 302 Intake Manifold but don’t know if it can be done? Better yet, have you got a new Boss 302 Mustang and are looking to go with some boost and don’t know if there is a Supercharging System out there for you? Well, look no further because Boss 302 boost is now possible with the addition of Vortech’s New 2011+ Boss Intake Manifold Supercharger Adapter Kit. The new Vortech Boss 302 Intake Manifold Supercharger Adapter Kit allows for proper installation of the OEM Boss 302 Intake Manifold to a Vortech Supercharged Coyote 5.0L Mustang, or to adapt a Vortech Supercharging System for install onto a Boss 302 Mustang without any cutting or notching of the hood underliner. This kit includes a high-quality black anodized throttle body spacer, plug-and-play ETC extension harness, quick connect PCV hose end and clamp, and all necessary hardware.

Also sold separately:
PART #: V4FQ112-060 – 2011+ 5.0L Mustang CAI Kit
PART #: V4FQ218-020L – 2011+ 5.0L Mustang System in Satin Finish
PART #: V4FQ218-024L – 2011+ 5.0L Mustang System in Black Finish
PART #: V4FQ218-028L – 2011+ 5.0L Mustang System in Polished Finish

Please Note: Also compatible with 2011+ 5.0L Paxton NOVI 2200 Supercharging Systems. Custom computer tuning will be required when installing Boss 302 Intake Manifold or for installing Vortech Supercharging System onto Boss 302 Mustang vehicles.

For more information please visit, Tel: 818-518-9889

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Vortech Single Inlet PowerHat Universal Carburetor Hat Assembly

The Vortech PowerHat is a cast aluminum carburetor hat assembly designed to work on “blow-though” applications with Quickfuel, Demon or Holley 4150-type 4 barrel carburetors with mechanical secondaries (may require rejetting/minor carburetor modification). Recommended carburetor for most applications: Quickfuel Part Number: Q-750-BAN.

Included Components and Features

  • Unique low-profile design measures only 3.2″ tall (overall height) and permits near-360 degree rotation for universal fitment.
  • Diffusion Technology: Integrated air management features a diffuser element to reduce jetting and other issues associated with traditional “carb hats.”
  • 3″ diameter inlet port.
  • Includes sealing gaskets all necessary mounting hardware for attachment to Holley 4150-type carburetors (standard 5″ filter mount)
  • Can be purchased at (Tel: 818-518-9889)

Click Here for more info

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