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Vortech Boss 302 Intake Manifold Adapter Kit

Got a Vortech Supercharged 2011 5.0L Mustang and are looking to swap on a new Boss 302 Intake Manifold but don’t know if it can be done? Better yet, have you got a new Boss 302 Mustang and are looking to go with some boost and don’t know if there is a Supercharging System out there for you? Well, look no further because Boss 302 boost is now possible with the addition of Vortech’s New 2011+ Boss Intake Manifold Supercharger Adapter Kit. The new Vortech Boss 302 Intake Manifold Supercharger Adapter Kit allows for proper installation of the OEM Boss 302 Intake Manifold to a Vortech Supercharged Coyote 5.0L Mustang, or to adapt a Vortech Supercharging System for install onto a Boss 302 Mustang without any cutting or notching of the hood underliner. This kit includes a high-quality black anodized throttle body spacer, plug-and-play ETC extension harness, quick connect PCV hose end and clamp, and all necessary hardware.

Also sold separately:
PART #: V4FQ112-060 – 2011+ 5.0L Mustang CAI Kit
PART #: V4FQ218-020L – 2011+ 5.0L Mustang System in Satin Finish
PART #: V4FQ218-024L – 2011+ 5.0L Mustang System in Black Finish
PART #: V4FQ218-028L – 2011+ 5.0L Mustang System in Polished Finish

Please Note: Also compatible with 2011+ 5.0L Paxton NOVI 2200 Supercharging Systems. Custom computer tuning will be required when installing Boss 302 Intake Manifold or for installing Vortech Supercharging System onto Boss 302 Mustang vehicles.

For more information please visit www.SuperchargersOnline.com, Tel: 818-518-9889


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