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Eaton Coupler Sale

Eaton Nose cone service kits are in high demand. Because of that SuperchargersOnline is offering a sale on Eaton Nose Cone service kits.

This Eaton coupler is one of the main reason why a lot of Eaton supercharger owners are hearing a rattling sound in their supercharger. Once the coupler starts to ware out the holes become egg shape causing the pins that slide in the holes to bang around a cause the rattling sound.

This is a simple fix to an issue that can lead to big problems down the road.

For more info. on these Eaton Supercharger couplers please visit



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Eaton Coupler Change..tech article

New Tech Article!

Got a noisy supercharger on a 3.8L buick or park ave ultra?  This tech. article walks you through the supercharger coupler change to help eliminate the rattling noise from the Eaton Superchargers when the coupler goes faulty.
How to change a coupler in an Eaton Supercharger

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